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is a collaboration between two artist-mothers, struggling to find their place somewhere between art and craft, creating art because they love it, and always asking each other the question: "Am I really an artist?" to which the other always answers,

"Yes, yes, you are."

Amy Larson Hunter

Graphic Designer and Mixed Media Artist

Amy Larson Hunter focuses on taking the familiar and making it more than a little bit fun. As a mother of two, beer blogger, writer, artist, and mental health advocate, Amy is a true jane-of-all-trades, constantly interested in learning new things and honing her skills. Find her writing at Lucky Wreck: The Upside of Falling Down and more of her design work at her Behance site.

Rachel Wingo

Mixed Media Artist

Rachel Wingo takes whatever she's interested in and tries to bring it to the canvas, crafted piece of recycled paper, or watercolor pad, often creating art alongside her kiddos. Rachel also writes about life both in verse and in essay form, teaches undergraduate religious studies, and tries to hold on, ever so delicately, to sanity.

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